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Mad Beth

Mad Beth

Beth is just one step away from fame... 

She is a close member of Donna Duncan's entourage and sees the lifestyles of the rich and famous everyday. Donna as the Queen of Reality TV holds an army of social media followers hanging on her every fashion, choice, new hairstyle, and latest update while Beth just fades into the background.

However fame can be addictive yet fleeting as Beth's mother, "The Lady" - a faded TV star of yesteryear - knows all to well. 

As a new spin-off is rumoured Beth has to decide the cost of the price of fame while at the same time dealing with an overbearing mother, an unhelpful best friend, and a TV producer who is growing more and more suspicious of Beth's aspirations. 

But Beth is only one step away from fame and of being the new Queen. 

Her only problem is that Donna still holds the crown. 

Ten Ninety Productions is proud to present the comedy in the tragedy of "MadBeth" - a contemporary re-imagining of William Shakespeare's Macbeth for the social media generation. 

Performed by an all female cast - Starring Chloe McLaughlin and Sally Beaman. Adapted and Directed by Matt Fox.

£8.00 (£5.00 concessions) 


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