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Millenial Dollar Mans

Millenial Dollar Mans

Millennial Dollar Mans is the ill conceived concept from the former 1st Standish Cub Scout, Paul Worrall. The self proclaimed actor (READ: Clinical Idiot) has been let loose on his own Fitzcarraldo, a one act comedy show under the guise of ‘Millennial Dollar Mans.’ 

Short of paying you money to turn up, Millennial Dollar Mans offers you everything you don't want from a show. Long poorly conceived ideas on life as a millennial, through a series of meandering half hearted sketches, egotistical menace and morose musical numbers. This hour long show endeavours to hit you like a plank of chipboard to the face. Millennial Dollar Mans will push the limits of comedy not in its funnies, but in its severe limitations. Expect nothing, get, erm...

£7.00 (£6.00 concessions) 


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