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The Other Room 9th birthday and 9th anthology launch

The Other Room 9th birthday and 9th anthology launch

Erkembode is a multidisciplinary Mimih* artist based in Leeds. His art has variously been described as irreverent, outsider, spiritual, modernist, cutesy, not art, crude, prolific, pointless, phallic, beat, cheap, childlike, responsive, mischievous, non-academic, difficult, purposeful, instinctual. He runs Bear Press (LOTIM or Lives of the Irish Mimih: A Compendium of Migratory Saints as told by the Wives of the Irish Navy, Advanced Civilisations, Redriffs), makes films with A616 mate Josh Alexander (Supper Mountain MimihElectric AireWARMING) and sound with PiLGRiMiMiH Ben Morris &Siân Williams (Flood DebrisPlease Do Not Look Too Hard for Meaning Here).Remnants of a recent performance (Flood Debris w/ PiLGRiMiMiH collective) are currently on display at Leeds College of Art until 28/04/2017.

 *Mimih are Australian Aboriginal spirits that taught humans how to paint by folding time and projecting themselves onto walls.  


Juxtavoices is an anti-choir of 30 mostly untrained voices whose repertoire includes members' own compositions and arrangements of classic modernist poems and found texts. The scores provide structure but freedom of pitch allows improvisation to shape the detail so that no two performances are ever the same. This is singing on the edge of not-singing or vice versa, a music only previously heard in a sound-poet's dreams: directed by Martin Archer and Alan Halsey Juxtavoices uniquely combines the outer reaches of improvised music and innovative poetry. Its latest release is the double CD/DVD Warning: May Contain Notes issued by Discus Music:


William Rowe is a poet, translator, essayist and member of Veer Books editorial collective. He is Emeritus Professor of Poetics at Birkbeck College. Recent books of poetry: The Earth Has Been Destroyed (Veer Books, 2009), INRI (translation of RaúlZurita; Marick Press, 2009, 2nd edition forthcoming from NYRB), Nation (Klinamen, 2012; enlarged edition, Knives, Forks and Spoons, 2015), LVB (Translation of RaúlZurita, Veer Books, 2013), A Cruise to the Galapagos Islands (translation of Antonio Cisneros; Shearsman, 2013), Incisions (Iodine, 2014). Critical work: Poets of Contemporary Latin America (Oxford University Press, 2000), Three Lyric Poets: Harwood, Torrance and MacSweeney (Northcote House, 2009), The Salt Guide to Bill Griffiths [editor] (Salt, 2009). His translation of César Vallejo’s Trilce is forthcoming as is Collected Poems, to be published by Crater Press early in 2017.

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