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How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WW2

How Eva Von Schnippisch Won WW2

The official secrecy act is over – and Eva is ready to set the record straight.  Germany’s greatest underground cabaret star is transformed into Britain’s No.1 spy.  After a hair-raising mission in occupied France and an explosive death-defying getaway in Russia...Eva is given the toughest mission of all: infiltrate to the very top.  Back in her mutti-land Germany she embarks on a love affair to end all love affairs. 

EVA tells a "gut bustingly funny, daring and witty" action-packed story of love, betrayal, Frankfurters, the ‘other’ Eva…and de-bunks the bunker story once and for all in “a joyful night of hilarious anti-fascist feminist propaganda”.

It’s time to burn your history books.

After premièring at Brighton Fringe 2016, and a successful summer run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2016; this Weimar vixen brings her one-woman daredevil cabaret spectacular to a town near YOU for her Winter Tour 2016/2017.


Written & Produced by Stephanie Ware
Original Score Composed by Oliver Collier
Assistant Director, Michelle Roche & Mike Carter

“Hilariously filthy”
"Back to back gags from start to finish. Brilliant!"
Seat-wetting, laugh-a-minute cabaret at it’s best”

"An absolute triumph! One of the funniest, most creative shows I have ever had the pleasure to see. Laughed so much I cried!
"My face hurts from laughing so much!"
UKE OF EDINBURGH 2014 WINNER – beating Amy G and Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer!
“Hilarious” – 
Artefact Magazine
“A slightly warped randy Marlene Dietrich type.  She makes the whole thing look effortless, which of course means that she’s really good at her job” – London City Nights
“I cackled wide-eyed till I nearly cried! Wrongness!” – 
Arthur Foxaque 


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